Thursday, June 30, 2011

Finding FREE and Cheap E-Reads

If you are like me and most of everyone else in the country, your budget is tight and the pennies must be counted. For many families entertainment venues have changed to things more practical. One thing that I have rediscovered is reading....I LOVE it. I can not read enough books, but it can get pretty expensive. Before you say, "Well, why not use the library?" Simple.....I'm scatterbrained and I usually forget to take them back leaving me with a hefty fine. So I started looking for good FREE and cheap books for my Nook Color. I was certain that there had to be some out there and began my search. Man did I hit paydirt!!!

My motto is a deal is no fun if not shared with friends who can also enjoy so I'm sharing a list of places for you to search and look so you too can add to your shelves....very inexpensively!

FACEBOOK Many places to find stuff here...just join one of the groups below or "like" the page.

Cheap e-Reads......this is the first place you need to go. "Like" their page and you will see little piggies fill your facebook page throughout the day. These guys work hard and sometimes it seems around the clock to find the deals and freebies. Not only do they have a facebook page but they now have their own blog. ( I also have their blog listed on my page.

Ereader News Today....another great site to "like". They usually spotlight Kindle freebies, but just take those titles and plug them into the B&N search engine to see if they are free there as well. Lots of information on their page too!!

Pixel of Ink...."like" their page and spend some time browsing around. You won't be disappointed.

Nook and Kindle Deals is a FB group that I started when I began finding all of the deals and freebies. We'd love to have you stop by and join. We try to list books for Nook and Kindle, connect people so that they can lend and borrow and share info. Our little group is growing and we really enjoy sharing our love of books.

Another resource that many people don't know about are the B&N Boards. This is a great place for info of ALL kinds. Having problems with your Nook or Nook Color.....look here. Want a book club....look here. Want to find some new friends for your Nook....look here. It is a place that is FULL of anything and everything.

Three threads that I'd like to highlite:

All things Nookbooks

Free Nookbook thread that is dedicated to books that are promoted by publishers for short periods of time.

A thread that is dedicated to Smashword freebies etc.

A thread that Kristy Haining (one of our FB group members) keeps up that is a must see for deals...I have loaded my shelves with many of her finds.

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