Wednesday, June 29, 2011

So what is your passion?

With our busy, everyday routine most of us never stop to remember those things that drive us. I know that I stay so busy that I don't think about those small things that give me comfort, fill me with pride and get me excited. So today I have vowed that it will stop. I will recognize the people and the things that make me happy and give me purpose. I will stop taking things for granted and I will try....I said live each day as if there is no tommorrow. Today I ask myself...."What is your passion? What are your dreams?"

More than anything in this world I can say that my family is my passion. My children are my reason for living and breathing. As I sit here right now I'm having to remind myself of this as my six year old DIVA is throwing a fit in her room. I love her dearly but would give anything for a MUTE BUTTON......but she is still my beautiful princess that is growing up faster than I can take. My middle child seems to have transformed over night. Yesterday he was my sweet, mischevious blonde haired baby and now he takes great pride in telling me he is almost a teenager and loves to tell me he has a girlfriend to see me cringe. My nineteen year first grown and on his own. Our relationship once so very close suddenly changed in the blink of an eye three years ago. Sometimes I mourn the loss of my boy who is still very much alive and breathing and then I tell myself that it's ok. He has to find his way on his own back to the right path. And although I struggle with our situation I pray that he will be stronger for the path that he has taken. My husband...a good man with a golden giving heart has blessed me in more ways than I can count. And it is because my passion for my children and husband is so strong that I love hard and fall hard with them every step. And with that said I have vowed to try and step out of some of the turmoil that we have been experienced and revel in the happiness that can be found in everyday.

On a less serious note.....there are other passions in my life.

Once I was a carefree spender with no real cares in the world. If I wanted it and husband said ok then I got it. I wanted to make sure my kids had it all. That also changed several years ago with the realization of our economic situation. What was going on in the world economically was hitting home personally. It has been a hard transformation, but it was a BLESSING!!! I don't have the material possessions that I once had....the nice home and all the bells and whistles, and can't say I really miss it. I couldn't appreciate it then. Now, I have a nice semi-new car that gets good gas mileage and very reliable. I appreciate that. One day I will have a nice home again. It may not be in a ritzy neighborhood with 2500 sq ft and huge yard, but it will be a place that I will appreciate and make ours. By going through these changes I learned things about priorities and learning to be frugal. So one of my other passions is frugal living and self reliance. I've learned to play the coupon game. I've been able to save money on my groceries and pay bills that I otherwise would have struggled to pay. One day we will be on our feet.

I have rediscovered my love for reading. If you can't budget for a vacation then pick up a book. With a book you can go anywhere and it's free! At Christmas my husband suprised me with a Nook Color and I'm telling you it sits on my Bible by my bed, goes with me in my purse.....It is with me as much as my children. With all of the free books that I have found online it has more than paid for itself.

So the reason for my blog is to examine and share my, frugal living, coupons and reading.

What are your passions?

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