Monday, July 18, 2011

The Big Grocery Adventure....this week.

I had planned to take a friend shopping and introduce her to the Coupon Lifestyle!! Since this week, as well as next week are great Mega Sale weeks, I thought this would be a good time to show her what can be done.

Last week was one of my better trips and I'm HOPING that this week will be better. There was an Extreme Coupon Marathon on yesterday, and I watched how these ladies planned their whole trip out on paper. I thought I would try to do the same. I also wanted to see if buying coupons on EBAY actually helped save or if in the end it evened out.

I decided to post my "initial" plan to give you an idea. I may have to tweak it a bit and there may be some items added that I'm waiting to get prices on but it should be minimal. Remember....since it is a Mega Sale they require that you have your "mega sale" items in increments of 10 in order to get sale price.

Stacy Pita Chips...Sale price $2....with Q .90....buying 4...$4.50 Total (NOT MEGA SALE)

Pringles....Sale price .99....with Q .67....buying 15....$10.05 Total

Kleenex...Sale price .99....with Q .74.....buying 8....$5.92 Total

French's Honey Mustard....Sale price $1.29....with Q .29....buying 10...$2.90 Total

Dannon Yogurt....Sale price $1.88...with Q .88....buying 10...$8.80 Total

Crystal Light....Sale price $2.00...with Q $1....buying 10....$10 Total

Chi Chis Salsa...Sale price $1.49....with Q .49...buying 10...$4.90 Total

Kraft Mac n Cheese....Sale price .81...with Q .26....buying 10....$2.60 Total

Kraft Singles Cheese...Sale price $1.49...with Q .39...buying 5...$1.95 Total

Oscar Meyer Sand Meat 10 oz....Sale price $1.99....with Q .89...buying 5....$4.45 Total

Palmolive....Sale price $1.49....with Q .39....buying 5....$1.95 Total

Kraft Mac n cheese cups....Sale price .49...buying 2 as a filler....Total .98

The total of this transaction as it stands now is $58.90 for 93 items.
The total for this transaction with the sale price and no coupons is $116.57 for 93 items.
The total amt paid for coupons to complete the transaction as is....$13.04

Now, I'm not sure that I will purchase these quantities. I may work some things down in order to get other items but I will have to make sure that the mega items are in increments of 10. This list is ALL Mega items except the Stacy Pita Chips.

Also, take into consideration the following:
1) These items are already placed on sale. They are then reduced AGAIN for the mega sale and then I apply the coupon so my savings is actually going to be much higher than I'm showing above.

2) School will be starting soon. Stocking up on things such as Pringles and sandwich meat may be a great idea for lunches. You can put the meat in the freezer. Then all schools ask for Kleenex and I will also have enough to put up for the winter season.

3) If I score any free items....that savings will go up.

4) Pringles are NEVER .99...NEVER!! So that price alone is a good deal....the coupon makes it sweeter and able to stock up for awhile.

5) Kraft Cheese Singles $1.49...Fabulous price itself...but with coupon I can stock up.

6) If the Palmolive works out like I hope.....then I will not have to buy dish soap for awhile and I will have the "good" stuff cheaper than generic.

So I'll sit and wait....when the coupons come in...I'll resort and we will be ready to ride.


  1. Could you share your source of these coupons? I would especially like to know where you got the Oscar Meyer, Kraft, and Kleenex coupons. Thanks!

  2. Sorry I'm late getting back to you. I bought my coupons on EBAY. I made my purchase on Sunday night to make sure I got them in time for sale. These are the users I used:


    I received two envelopes yesterday and hope to get the rest today. If you shop for coupons let me know how it goes.