Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Cheap...One Stop Shopping for all Book Deals!!

I've been gone for the weekend and boy were there some changes made while I was gone. Anyone who follows my FB page (Nook and Kindle Deals) knows that I am a huge fan of Cheap eReads and their blog. I knew there were some changes coming, but they blew me out of the a good way.

The blog is now I love this change because we always referred to them as The Cheap. I've taken a peak at the blog and LOVE it. It is so much easier to navigate, and everything is so organized. Anyone who has not had a lot of experience following blogs or searching for things will find this a very easy place to be. Not only will you now be able to follow and find Nook deals, but you will also be able to find the Kindle deals.

Another thing that I have found to be an awesome addition is a breakdown in genre. No longer do you have to look through one long list of can just look through the Christian Fiction or Romance etc. This is a great time saver for many. On top of that they have changed up how they approach their Facebook following. If you are on FB make sure to follow them by genre specific groups if you choose. They have the following pages....Cheap eReads, Nook Jr., Nook Teen, Nook Love, Casting Pearls and Kindle on the Cheap.

I think the most important thing about The Cheap are the people. I have to say I have not met everyone, but I have met April and she is also my friend on FB. When I started our FB group, she was quick to pitch in and help post items when I was out of town. This helpful nature was not only extended to me. Over at Free Nook Books etc, the girls found themselves bogged down with general life occurrences. She jumped right in and posted to keep things on their page for their readers. There have been times when I have been looking for a specific book, or someone from our group has been looking for a specific title, and she has combed Heaven and Earth to find that item. April has always tried to send people our way and to our blogs as well. If the rest of the ladies are half as nice as her.....and you know that they have to be.....I can't wait to meet them. Who says you can't have friends you haven't met in person?

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  1. Oh wow! I feel so honored by your kind words Melissa! I love your blog and your spirit, so lucky to have met you :-)