Sunday, July 10, 2011

Desperate Times & Desperate Times 2......a review

Every morning we wake up to more depressing news about our economy and the state of the average American's financial situation. Even more distressing is what we are not told by the mainstream media. With just a little research on the internet and a tad-bit of common sense it's pretty obvious that our country could face a economic meltdown of epic proportions. There are those who see the signs....hope for the best and prepare for the worst, and there are those who stick their heads in the sand and refuse to believe that we will ever face a catastrophe of any kind.

Nicholas Antinozzi sets the stage for Desperate Times with an atmosphere such as the one we are now facing daily. He then quickly draws the reader in with a downward spiral of events that turns the world on it's ear. This book will grab your attention on the first page and will pull you in so deep that you can do nothing but think of the characters and challenges that they face. Before you know it you will be questioning yourself and asking "What would I do?"

The characters are so colorful and real that you can't help but think of someone you know that may remind you of them. During the challenge to survive and protect what they have, they all bring out the best and worst of each other. At times I found myself almost huffing and puffing after a particularly heated fight, and at others I would literally give anything to put my hands around "Bill's" neck....but I couldn't because he was only a character!! As the first book was ending, I found myself reading slower because I did not want it to end.....only to find that Antinozzi leaves you with a huge cliffhanger on the last page.

I picked up Desperate Times 2 at and managed to finish it in two days. This book explored the struggle between those who believed in their right to protect their own with firepower, and Pacifist who believed that "love" was the answer. Sometimes "Utopia" is not all it is cracked up to be. After watching some of the main characters die off and others show their true colors I once again found myself with a cliffhanger on the last page.

These are not zombie-type, sci-fi or apocalyptic type books. They are more of a survivalist fiction.....something to really sink your teeth into and they will truly make you examine your views on different issues, as well as, a personal plan in the event of a similiar situation. I STRONGLY recommend both of these!!

Desperate Times 1 and 2 can be found at Amazon and B&N

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  1. Thank you so much for the kind review! I published DT3 at the end of December and I hope you like it.