Thursday, July 14, 2011

Memories for Sale by Karen Fowler ......Great Short Story

.99 on Amazon; $1.99 on B&N and FREE on Smashwords until July 31 with code SSWSF

When Eleanor learns that her time is running out, she reaches out to her estranged daughter and the grandchild she's never met, hoping to make amends. With the help of an elaborate plan, she intends to make memories that will last them a life time, and a legacy that will continue to provide for them long after she has gone. But the one thing that Eleanor has forgotten is that her daughter can be just as stubborn as she is. Will she be able to reunite with her daughter, while still keeping her biggest secret?

I am sooo glad that I grabbed this book. It would have been worth the .99 at doubt.

First of all....let me get this out of the way. There were formatting errors and some typos, but in saying that I would STILL give this story very high marks because of the SUBSTANCE. The characters were very well developed and every element for a good solid story was there. I'm sure some people would critical of the formatting errors, but it was only a slight distraction to me.

Although the story was very "well-rounded".....Karen did a great job taking the reader full circle....I found myself not wanting the story to end. This struck me as a great story for a sequel.

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