Saturday, September 10, 2011

My Smashwords eBook Wish List

I was introduced to Smashwords shortly after receiving my Nook Color this past Christmas. I was lucky enough to find this whole new world full of authors that most don't hear about. I would have been cheated out of reading some great books had I not find them. In fact, it was part of the inspiration for starting this share some of the books that I have found that I would not have otherwise read.

I have started compiling a list of books that I want to read from Smashwords. B&N offers a place to set up a "wish list", and this is my Smashwords wish list.

Scattered Pieces by Alice Lynn
The Jade Rabbit by Mark Matthews
The Unraveling of Abby Steele by Sylvia May
Price of Heaven by Lilly LaRue
Accepting Fate by Vanessa E. Kelman
A Spark of Courage by Rita S. Knight
Prodigal by Elizabeth Lee
Caring for Eleanor by Sonia Rumzi
Awakening by JoAnn Durgin
Toward a New Beginning by R. William Rogers
Rescuing Ladybugs by Diane Adams
From the Ashes by Carolyn R. Scheidies
Another Chance by Diane Adams
Fatima's Fate by Dana Sudboro
Come the End by William Creed
Texas Roads by Cathy Bryant
This Divine Night by Mary Caelsto
To Live Again by Lauralee Bliss
Home to Hart's Crossing by Robin Lee Hatcher
Only the Truth by Jeanne Desautel Foster

Don't forget....if you do check out smashwords or any Indie Authors....make sure you live a review or rating anywhere you can leave one. They depend on these ratings as feedback and it helps draw others in to read them as well.


  1. Hi there Melissa. I googled my novel, The Jade Rabbit, and it directed me to this website. So, with that in mind, let me help out with your wish list. Here is a coupon code for a free download of The Jade Rabbit from Smashwords;"MV69H" The coupon expires on September 30th. And yes, I realize others may use the code too. All I ask is thatyou post a review - preferably on as well as smashwords and elsewhere. And thanks so much for showing interest.
    Mark Matthews

  2. Mark
    Thank you so much for stopping by. I'm ashamed that I have not gotten back here until now. I saw this post through email but then had problems with my blog. Then I missed the deadline for using the code so I'm kicking myself to town and back!!! I'm even more disgusted with myself b/c I mentioned it on our FB page and STILL didn't get the code to DL it!! Speaking of which...if you are on FB please stop by and check our page out. It's called "Nook and Kindle ebook deals". We are focused on finding freebies and deals and I also like to try to promote smashword titles. So think nothing of stopping by and plugging your work. We would love to see you there. Thanks again for your generosity with the code even though I blew it!!!