Monday, January 30, 2012

The Lottery....What if??

I have spent the majority of my day glued to a show on TLC about how winning the lottery has changed people's lives. It was amazing to see how most of these people dealt with their new-found security. If you had asked me a couple of years ago what I would do if "my ship came in"......I would have had a vision of me and several friends/relatives going on huge shopping sprees, vacations and throwing caution to the wind. I'm happy to say that I think I would be much more responsible and frugal EVEN IF it was a large sum of money.

The first thing on my list would be a home of my own. Until we no longer had one and became "renters" I could not fully appreciate the priviledge of owning our own home. It's our number one goal for this year and I think about it constantly. In saying that....if money was no option....would it change what I looked for in a home? Yes and No....I can't see myself going and looking for some 1/2 million dollar home. I'd be happy to purchase one that I have recently found that is $109,000 and adding a sunroom and getting some professional landscaping. I might consider spending up to $150,000 but I really think I would have a hard time doing it even if I had a million!

My second item on the list would be to pay off my car....yes I'd keep that Kia Optima and get it detailed. I'd then buy my husband a truck and it would be paid for in the clear.

Third on the list would be setting money aside for the kids college and a contribution to Church.

Those would be my priorities. The difference would be put back and maybe invested. I may splurge on some new furniture and vacation but I just don't see myself going hog-wild like I might have done before. There's no doubt that depending on the amount I'd probably give a few gifts....but I can promise  I would not be one of the ones that was broke in a few years. I'd still get up and probably rush to work huffing and puffing trying not to be late. I'd still clip my coupons and look for bargains.

After living high on the hog and then getting knocked down to the slop, it's a lesson that doesn't leave you. So bring on that ship.....I'm ready!

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