Tuesday, January 31, 2012

My Recent Kroger RACK UP!!...and How I Did It

So I haven't been couponing or serious grocery shopping for a while. And it was time so let me share with you what I got and HOW I got it. I'm still ecstatic!!!

Total was $320.05
Paid $149.03
Saved $171.02

This is what I got:

1 - Bread
1 - Hot Dog Buns
5 - Jars of Ragu
1 - Box of pasta
10 - Packs of floured Tortillas
10 - Jars of Salsa
15 - Boxes of Cereal (Post Shredded Wheat, Coco Pebbles and Fruity Pebbles)
4 - Cans of Hunts Tomato Paste
6 - Cans of Chili
29 - Bowls of Kraft Mac n Cheese and Velveeta Shells and Cheese
1 - Large canister of coffee creamer
5 - Cans of Skintimate Shaving Gel
1 - 2 pk of Secret Deoderant
2 - Speed Sticks
1 - Ban Deoderant
1 - Degree Deoderant
6 - Cans of Dog Food (got $1 off catalina from this)
5 - Tubs of Helluva Good Dip
2 - packs of Kraft Singles
1 - bowl of I can't believe it's not butter
1 - pack of sandwich meat
2 - packs of hot dogs
1 - bag boneless skinless chicken
1 - Tide Detergent
1 - All Detergent
1 - Kroger Brand dishwashing tabs
5 - Bags of Goldfish
1 - Large pack of TP
3 - Kroger brand 2 ltr cokes
1 - 12 pk Kroger brand diet coke
1 - 20 oz Mountain Dew
1 - small bag of Doritoes
2 - Boxes of Kroger brand crackers

I think thats all.......

Most of everything that I bought in large quantity has a long expiration date and will not go bad anytime soon.

So this is how I did this trip:

I went to my favorite website http://www.southernsavers.com/ and pulled up what would be on sale. I did this on Sunday because the lady that runs the site lives in an area where they run their Kroger sales from Sunday to Sunday. Ours runs from Wednesday to Wednesday so by pulling it up on Sunday it gives you a jump on getting your coupons together.

I went through the list of things that would be on sale and wrote down or highlited everything that I thought I would want to get. I didn't have alot of coupons b/c I have been slacking. I went to eBAY and typed in each coupon that I was looking for to see if there were any available for "BUY IT NOW".

Example: Ragu coupons.....If it came up I sorted it by price and I picked the one I wanted but before I purchased it I would look at the seller other items to see if they had other coupons I needed so I could get as many as I could from one seller.

I continued this process until I was able to collect a pretty nice size pile. I may have spent a total of $15 on coupons BUT a friend of mine went in with me so you can split that price in half.

I ordered them on Sunday night and they came in on Wed and Thurs. I organized them and grouped like coupons in groups of 5 and placed in my binder because our Kroger will only take 5 of the same coupon in a transaction.

When I got to the store I grabbed two buggies and I had two envelopes labeled buggy one and buggy two. If I wanted more than 5 of one item that I had a coupon for then I put 5 in one buggy and 5 in the other. That way I could make two transactions. This also helped me to keep my Mega Sale items straight.

With the Mega Sale you have to buy 10 of the participating items and you can mix match. You just have to be sure that you have increments of 10 on those items or you will not get the sale price.

Before I went to the store I had my list of Mega Sale items from southernsavers.com that I had coupons for and I had mapped out how many of each item I would get. I had a list for Buggy 1 and Buggy 2 list. There were some price discrepancies like on mustard so I decided not to get it. I had planned to get 5 of them so I just found 5 other Mega Sale items (fillers) to put in its place so my increments would work out.

I have to say this was the MOST STRESSFUL trip I have ever made. I had both kids with me and I was trying to show my friend how to do it. We only had 45 minutes to do it because Kayla Grace had to go to Cheerleading. So we were on short time restraint and both kids were acting like fools....throwing stuff in the buggies and arguing. I thought I would either hyperventilate before we got out of there or they would call the paddywagon for the crazy lady screaming down the aisles at her children. But we did it. My friend did just about as well or better than me and she just might be hooked.

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