Monday, February 20, 2012

Furniture, Paint and Me....Oh Dear!

I've been so motivated (and obviously totally naive of my own abilities) after looking at "Pinterest". I decided that I was going to give Kayla Grace's room a makeover and planned it with the website. I figured since we are moving in a few days and we were off would be the perfect time to paint. I mean how hard could it be??

We took off to town and came home armed with 15 cans of white spray paint. I was doing the spray paint dance....Kayla Grace was making up songs about painting furniture. We were so excited. We even got Brayden in on all the fun and he helped us move all the furniture outside. I am now reporting that after fighting with two kids who wanted to "help" (the fun ended quickly), after knocking the sprayer off of 2 cans of paint while trying to open them, and after having gobs of paint run down the furniture I have succesfully ruined her bedroom suit.

I quickly realized that I was doing something wrong when there were lots of beads of white rolling down the sides. Figured I was too close and fixed it only to find that my dear son decided to help and one side of her dresser is nothing but lines and beads. She decided to get in on the action and help "fix" the beads with a paint brush which now leaves us beads and streaks on top of bubbles from God knows where.

I gave up....frustrated...tired...aggravated....grabbed the dog and took a nap. It will go in her room as is....even with some brown spots showing through. Mama says we should strip it but HA!! not happening in the near future. We will just start our own style....funky furniture.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

List of Thrift Shops in Vicksburg

On your mark....get set.....GO!!! Now let's see who gets the best deals!!!!

Thrift Stores in Vicksburg

A good place to start would be Washington Street down near the Waterfront. You can just park your car and walk the Main Street.

Frankly Scarlett
Located at 1102 Washington St. Open M-F 10:00 - 5:00 and Sat 10:00-3:00
Specializes in recycled fashion.....LOVE THAT!!!!
FB page!/franklyscarlettshop?sk=info

River Chicks
When you get done at Frankly Scarlett walk right down to River Chicks. LOVE this place. I found several items for my daughter's room. It's a larger size store with lots to see so be sure to take your time. I went in two days in a row and saw stuff I didn't see the day before. Not only is this a Consignment/Thrift store but it's also listed as one of the haunted places in Vicksburg is also known for that. Be sure to ask the sweet lady at the counter about it.
FB page!/profile.php?id=100002226845551&sk=wall They don't really have anything listed about what they are selling right now but there is info on the building etc.

You Choose
1300 Washington Street
Opened Tues - Sat. 10:00 - 5:00
This is one spot you don't want to miss. I recently went in with the kids in tow and my little girl picked out the sweetest ottoman type chair. She is determined that we go back and get it and redo her room so it will match!!! This is a nice little store and the people who run it are even nicer.

Peterson' Art & Antiques
1400 Washington Street
I'm sure their hours of operation are Mon - Sat. They have a pretty large store with a mix of new and old. Very much worth stopping in and taking a "look and see"

River City Rescue
Now this one is on Washinton St but it is NOT walking distance
3705 Washington St.
Before I got my Nook I used to go in here and buy books all the time. They have their own little library set up in the back and organized like nothing I've ever seen in a thrift shop. Through the back doors they have furniture and larger items. I happened to be in there when a practically brand new sofa and chaise lounge came through the door but somebody bought it before I could! They pick up a lot of things that people clean out and garage sale left overs.

Fanny's Finds
2106 Cherry Street
Hours are Mon - Sat 9:00am - 5:00pm
This is another place to start. My friend and I stopped in the other day and had the pleasure of meeting Miss Fanny and she really made us some deals. There were lots of unique furniture pieces as well as great pieces for a gameroom for the preteen/teenager. Can't wait to stop back in and see what is new.

So Yesterday
Located near Blockbuster on Pemberton Blvd down from the mall. Actually located next door to the nail shop. Large shop with lots to look at. I'm not completely sure of their hours of operation yet but I've only noticed them being closed on Sunday.

Consignor's Boutique
3525 Halls Ferry Rd. Located next door to Fred's
Not sure of hours but I believe that they are opened Tues-Sat.
Nice size store with a little bit of everything

Aunt Wendy's Thrift Shop
Located at the fork of Halls Ferry and Fisher Ferry next to the gas station. In the little strip located next to the liquor store. Walked in there the other day and right off the bat I saw a metal PEACE sign. I didn't get to really look around because I had my daughter and we were just killing a few minutes between the kids activities but these ladies were really nice.

Love at Second Sight Consignments
Located at 520 Hwy 80
Hours of Operation Wed-Sat 10:00am - 4:00pm
I have stopped in here several times and Miss Connie Hall is as nice as they come. She has lots of goodies and right now she has a TON of gowns just in time for the "formal" time of the year!

D's Swap Shop
Located at 2461 Hwy 80
Hours of Operation M-F 10:00-5:00 and Sat. 9:00-5:00
I LOVE MISS D's. I can not emphasize how important this stop is on your thrift adventure. It's right down the road from Love at Second Sight. There is the "store" up front and then you go through a little door into a warehouse out back. LOTS of goodies here.
FB page!/pages/Ds-Swap-Shop/193115037378316?sk=wall

Fantastic Finds
1370 Culkin Road
Hours are Thurs - Sat 10:00am - 6:00pm
This shop specializes in children's clothing resale as well as new items. Great little spot to stop in and shop. I have found lots of goodies here. They also have a FB page