Monday, February 20, 2012

Furniture, Paint and Me....Oh Dear!

I've been so motivated (and obviously totally naive of my own abilities) after looking at "Pinterest". I decided that I was going to give Kayla Grace's room a makeover and planned it with the website. I figured since we are moving in a few days and we were off would be the perfect time to paint. I mean how hard could it be??

We took off to town and came home armed with 15 cans of white spray paint. I was doing the spray paint dance....Kayla Grace was making up songs about painting furniture. We were so excited. We even got Brayden in on all the fun and he helped us move all the furniture outside. I am now reporting that after fighting with two kids who wanted to "help" (the fun ended quickly), after knocking the sprayer off of 2 cans of paint while trying to open them, and after having gobs of paint run down the furniture I have succesfully ruined her bedroom suit.

I quickly realized that I was doing something wrong when there were lots of beads of white rolling down the sides. Figured I was too close and fixed it only to find that my dear son decided to help and one side of her dresser is nothing but lines and beads. She decided to get in on the action and help "fix" the beads with a paint brush which now leaves us beads and streaks on top of bubbles from God knows where.

I gave up....frustrated...tired...aggravated....grabbed the dog and took a nap. It will go in her room as is....even with some brown spots showing through. Mama says we should strip it but HA!! not happening in the near future. We will just start our own style....funky furniture.

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