Monday, March 26, 2012

Our loss...

Tonight I have finally decided to sit down and write down my thoughts about what has happened to our family over the weekend. We just returned from Rusty's house and I was relieved to see how well he was holding up. I don't think that I could be as strong, but I guess you never know how strong you are until you face something. We, as Sandersons, come from a strong stock.

Look at Mamaw many children and grandchildren and even g-grandchildren did she bury before she went home to gather them all in her arms? Through her grief she always held her head high and handled it with a quiet grace. I saw that tonight with my cousins. We have all faced our difficulties as we have grown up and raised our children. There are so many people in our family that I can think of that I would like to be like. I wish so badly that my children had the priviledge of growing up like we did....all together.... so that they could enjoy and lean on each other in the future.

I watched John John's Step-Dad speak to Channel 16 news last night and I have never met the man, but he handled the interview with a stregnth and dignity that should make us all proud as a family. I know that it had to have been hard on him answering the was very visible. God Bless him for handling it the way he did. Who would want to talk to the media at this time? I wouldn't....he did and it allowed that burden to be lifted from Rusty and Debra's shoulders.

They say that something positive can come from horrible experiences. I can't say that I can see anything positive coming from this. It was senseless and unneccessary. Parents and Grandparents shouldn't have to bury their babies. I truly pray that justice....HARD served.

I can say that once again I'm so proud of my family. It's just another example of how truly special our family is. 2nd, 3rd cousins....means nothing.....a cousin is a cousin. Aunt, Great Aunt....means Aunt is an Aunt. Saw you last week....last year....or 10 yrs ago....doesn't matter. I still love you like I saw you yesterday. And when something happens we all come matter the distance or the time apart.

For me, I remember a precious little boy named John John playing in the yard with Adam and my son Chris....all full of mischief and each one 100% boy. I know that Mamaw and Papaw Great were waiting on him with open arms and although we all hurt.....all is well with him.

RIP John will always be loved and never forgotten.

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