Sunday, July 15, 2012

Cheesy Beef Bites...Easy Sandwich...Big Batch

Love, Love, LOVE this sandwich!! It also makes up a lot, so it would be a great recipe to fix for casual company, kid sleepovers or just to freeze individually.

What you need:

1 lb of hamburger
1 pkg of french onion soup
2 tbsp of parsley flakes
1/4 c. of water
2 packs of hamburger buns (I got 12 sandwiches out of 1 lb of hamburger)
At least 2 c. shredded cheese (I didn't measure mine)

Before we get started let me first say that the original recipe called for french bread, but I found using hamburger buns to be better for us. This is a great recipe to use left over hamburger buns and hot dog's just a matter of preference.

While your hamburger meat is cooking, pull your bread of choice out. You want to "hollow-out" the thickest part of your bread which is the top portion on buns.

Once your hamburger meat is fully cooked, drain the grease. Then add the packet of French Onion Soup Mix, two tablespoons of parsley and 1/4 c. of water. Make sure the burner is on low and stir really good. Now all you do is fill the "hollowed out" portion of your bread with the meat mixture.

Then sprinkle with your choice of cheese....Monterrey is fabulous, but I only had cheddar/Monterrey mix

Wrap it nice and neatly......

Pop these babies in the oven for about 10 min on 350 degrees and ENJOY!!!!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Meat for 19 meals for less than $60!!!

So I think I have mentioned that I've been in sticker shock over groceries down here...especially meat. I was honestly a bit discouraged over no double-coupons until I scored this tenderloin!! This thing was a monster and I only paid $15.29

Today I pulled this thing out of the refrigerator trying to decide exactly what I would do with it, and I am pleased to show you this:

I was able to pull a two roast: one I bagged and marinated with Italian Dressing and threw in onions, and the other I marinated with Mesquite Marinade and threw in onions. I then cut 3 meals worth of pork chops and bagged one with Lemon and Herb Marinade, one with Mesquite Marinade, and one just plain. (5 meals - $15.29)

I also did great with Hamburger meat. The one pound rolls at Rouse's was $3.49. I ran over to Save A Lot and they had two pound rolls for $5.49. I grabbed four rolls and divided them in half....bagged them up and threw them in the freezer. (8 meals - $21.96)

Save a Lot also had their pre-made hamburgers (8ct) bags for $3.99....grabbed two (2 meals - $7.98)

Chicken wasn't on sale but I needed so I grabbed two bags and I had one in the freezer. Each bag has eight pieces of boneless skinless breast and I cook six pieces. Three bags gives me four chicken meals. Each bag $5.99...(4 meals - $11.98)

So for a total of $57.21 I got meat to prepare 19 meals!!!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Crockpot Italian Chicken

I got this recipe off of Pinterest and it is DIVINE!!!

6 chicken breasts
1 packet Zesty Italian dressing seasoning
8 oz. cream cheese (softened)
2 cans cream of chicken soup

Cook on low for 4 hours. If sauce is too thick, add a little milk. Serve over pasta.

I used the corkscrew rotini, but pick what you like. Throw some garlic bread in the oven and Whamo!!!

Easy Cheesy Chicken Spaghetti

I almost made myself SICK off this stuff. It was soo easy to make and it makes a ton so you can freeze some of it for later.

What you need:

6 boneless skinless chicken breast
2 cans of cream of chicken
2 cans of rotel
1 large block of velveeta
1 box of angel hair pasta

I used my crockpot. Put the chicken, cream of chicken, rotel in crockpot to cook. I put mine in frozen on high for several hours. When the chicken is done and it's falling apart....cut up your velveeta and add. Once the cheese is melted this part is ready. I then cooked my pasta and added the contents to the cooked pasta. Now I realize that most people put this in the oven, but we didn't. We ate it as soon as we mixed the contents. Leftovers the next day were even better!!

If you want to freeze a portion of it then get some pans, line them with plastic wrap, put the spaghetti in cover with plastic and put in freezer. Give it about a day to freeze then remove it from freezer. Take out of dish, make sure it's wrapped well in plastic wrap then wrap it with aluminum foil and label.

Apple Dump Cake

I prefer stuff like this for breakfast with my coffee AS WELL AS DESSERT!!

This is what you need:

Yellow box cake
2 cans of apple pie filling
About two sticks of butter

Pour the apple filling in a dish
Pour dry cake mix over the top of the filling....make sure the little "rocks" are broken up
Take a stick of butter and start cutting small slabs of butter and covering all of the dry batter

Bake at 350

You can alter this recipe....instead of using apple pie filling....use a can of blueberry filling and a can of crushed pineapple. THIS is divine!!!

Egg Muffins

This is a great, quick way to cook ahead for breakfast and great for the family on the go.

What you'll need:

Muffin Pan
Shredded Cheese
Ham, Bacon, Sausage...your choice

Set oven on 350 degrees.
Scramble your eggs in a bowl
Lightly oil your muffin pan and fill each about half full.
You can then add cheese, meat or meats of your choice
You can also add other stuff like salsa....get creative

Put in the oven and bake until light golden brown. There'll be no doubt that they are ready. You can set these out to cool then put in the freezer so that you have them weeks in advance.

I put a ziploc bag full of these in the refrigerator and they were gone by mid week. I plan to make several bags of these to have in frig and freezer....especially when school starts

Meal plan for July 2012

This is my first attempt at a meal plan. I originally set out to make out a plan for two weeks, but I ended up having enough meals to cover a month. I started off by making a list of meals that I know my family likes, plus a few recipes I wanted to try that I found from pinterest.

This is what I came up with:

July 4th - Hamburger Helper Enchilada Flavor.....we won't do this one again
July 5th - Fried Cube Steak, homemade mashed potatoes and green beans
July 6th - Chicken Alfredo
July 7th - Nachos
July 8th - Fried Chicken, mac n cheese, and Baked beans
July 9th - Baked Potatos
July 10th - Chicken Spaghetti
July 11th - Tamale Casserole
July 12th - Egg, bacon and grits

July 13th - Pizza cups
July 14th - Cheesy Beef Sandwiches
July 15th - Pork Roast and Potatoes
July 16th - Hamburger Steak, rice and gravy and butterbeans
July 17th - Tatertot Casserole
July 18th - Teriyaki Chicken, rice a roni and corn
July 19th - Pancakes
July 20th - Burritoes with Mexican Rice
July 21st - Hamburgers and Fries
July 22nd - Crockpot Roast
July 23rd - spaghetti
July 24th - Dried Beef Chicken casserole
July 25th - Chili Cheese Fries
July 26th - Taco Rice Casserole

July 27th - Crockpot Cube Steak with rice
July 28th - Chicken Enchiladas

Now these are just meals for supper. I also planned for lunches by getting things like sandwich meat, chicken patties, chicken nuggets, rameen etc. I still have to work on lunches because my kids are not big sandwich eaters.

Breakfast consisted of egg muffins, cereal and poptarts. The egg muffins were a HUGE HIT....they are great for grab and go and I plan to make many, many more and freeze.

Once I made my list of meals I printed off a "weekly menu plan" that I added to my binder. I started putting the meals on the planning calendar. Now of course, I don't follow this plan to a T.....we may be in the mood for breakfast for supper one night instead of roast. The main idea is that I have planned the meals and each paycheck I can purchase what I KNOW I need for the meals until next payday. I can also allow myself to pick up a little extra here and there or buy ahead for the next two weeks if there is a sale.

Reaching Out to Silence

Reaching out to silence
The Son I love is not there
Trying to change a perception
Of who I am, but he doesn't care
I lost him; a hurt I can't share
I'd still die for him if I'd dare

The hopes and dreams
They are still mine
The love the memories
I can recall on a dime
He's been taken away
Some fault I take as mine
When you are a parent
You rarely believe in such times

For now I'll go
I'll hold to those to special times
When he was my little man
And time was mine

The Harbinger by Johnathan Cahn....A MUST read

As I was clicking around online I continued to see this book "The Harbinger" plastered everywhere. I remembered that I had downloaded it for free awhile back so I decided to check it out. There are no words to describe the impact this book made on me.

One might think it's just another "political" book, but it is so much more than anything you can imagine. Mr. Cahn shared a message regarding our Country and the state of our affairs through a narrative that grabbed me on the first page and didn't let go until the very end. At times I could not help myself from "thinking out loud" or expressing my emotions verbally. (This does not bode well with a sleeping husband!) By the time I reached the end, the hair was standing up on my arms and I sincerely believe that I held my breath for a chapter. As the book concluded I was left with a heavy heart for my country, fellow citizens, family and friends; but I was also confronted with questions regarding my own personal thoughts and faith. To say that this book has impacted my life and would be an understatement.

Of course, I am always recommending a book here and there, but I can honestly say... with no doubt.. that of all the books I have read in my life this would be the one I would strongly encourage everyone to read. I will never think of 9/11 the same. I will never look at the news the same. The book is worth every penny and then will NOT be disappointed.

The link for the Kindle edition