Thursday, November 1, 2012

A Perfect Storm....and I'm not talking weather

As I surf around the internet tonight reading about so many things happening at one time, it became even more clear that we could very well be on the brink of another perfect storm. Anything could happen in regards to this election, but with all of these other situations going on one would be crazy NOT to prepare for "something".

First of all....the election.
Romney and Obama are running neck and neck. There are polls predicting Romney will take popular vote and Obama will take the electorate. Bring back any memories? With the early voting we are already hearing accusations of voter fraud. There are reports of the NAACP asking the UN to come in and monitor the election. We now have two states saying if the UN shows up they will be kicked out. On top of all of this there has been a boat load of threats against Romney, as well as, threats to fight and burn things down if Obama is not re-elected.

I'm no fan of Obama (can you tell?) BUT in regards to this Benghazi situation....we need to know the truth. It doesn't matter to me WHO is in the White House I want answers. This has been the biggest cover-up thanks to the media. Everyone is pointing to someone else, and all of the information is pointing back to Obama and his top administration. Do we want a Commander-in-Chief who turns his back on our people and let them die? This is not a sex act and a black dress in the Oval Office, these are lives. Of course most people may not be getting the information because the media is working so hard NOT to report it. I can honestly say that if this was a Republican President and all of this information was coming out I could not in good faith vote for him. The problem is.....we are supposed to vote in 5 days. If it does get out will it make a difference? When I think of some of the pro-Obama people that I wouldn't change their mind even if they watched him pull the trigger on someone.

This Frankenstorm blew up the East Coast and it has been devastating. A hurricane joined to a NorEastern (or whatever you call it) and you do have a Perfect Storm. Millions are without power. It's being compared to Katrina, but a huge difference in this storm is that these people aren't sitting outside trying to keep cool with no electricity....they are hunkering down trying to keep warm. They have winter temps up there with flooding, no electricity, absolute destruction and it's not like they have anywhere to go. The path of the storm has been extensive. How long before people start panicking over lack of electricity, gas or food/water?

So BAM, BAM, BAM.....3 major ingredients with a 5 day countdown for another Perfect Storm, but you can do something. PREPARE for yourself and your family by taking just a few simple steps in the next few days.

1) Top of gas tank. If you can't afford to fill up but one vehicle....fill that one up.

2) Clean your house and organize your pantry and medicine cabinets. While you are organizing your pantry stop and think if you had to shelter in place and cook meals for your family for 3 days would you have enough? What about a week? What if one of the kids get you have what you need without going to the store? By cleaning and organizing the house you get a clear idea of what you have to work with if you have to.

3) Save your 2 liter bottles and fill them with water

4) Get your prescriptions filled now

Last minute inexpensive items you can grab to increase your food supply:
Soup at the Dollar General (generic) is usually 2/$1
Dried Beans...check Dollar Tree and Freds to get them for $1
Rameen Noodles
Potted meat, Vienna Sausage and Tuna  .65 or less each
Generica canned veggies can be found for .50-.60 a can

Other things to consider
Go to Dollar Tree and grab cold medicines and fever reducers for the family
Candles or lantern oil
Pet food
Charcoal or extra propane

This is a short list, but this little bit could make a difference. It's not anything that will be wasted because if nothing happens you aren't out of anything. These are items that everyone uses. It would feel so much better to have extra and nothing happen than all hell break loose and kick yourself for not having it. I by no means have everything together the way I want because funds are just not available to prepare the way I would like, but you just do what you can do. Personal Responsibility. (There are 20,000 people stranded in NJ right now that are unable to get help because of flood waters. How many were personally responsible and how many are just waiting on someone to come save them?)

I hope and pray that the next few months come and go with nothing eventful and we can sing "It's a wonderful day in the neighborhood".....but if not then what? I intend to be as personally responsible for me and mine as I possible can.

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