Monday, May 6, 2013

The Comfort of Lies

I just happened to see this book flash across my Goodreads page and HAD to read it. I waited for seemed like forever until I was able to get it and then devoured it in two nights. It wasn't what I expected, but it was still a very thought-provoking look into the lives of three women, their families and the consequences of their decisions.
When we hear the local gossip about the spouse that "steps out" in a marriage there is not a lot of thought put into the dynamics of the situation. The feelings of those affected by the decisions...the victims of the fall-out as well as the ones who made the decisions are not thought of on a personal level. I know because I have been guilty of huddling in a corner sharing the latest "news" or dialing up someone to hear the latest tid-bits. If you are honest with yourself...more times than not the stories of these incidents in your local community are usually just a means of morbid entertainment to pass the time in our own boring lives. I thank God that so far my husband and I have chosen to lead boring lives because after reading this heart-breaking drama I don't know why anyone would want that kind of excitement!
As badly as I wanted to hate the young mistress, it was hard because I think at one point in time we have all had the same kind of naive thoughts and views that she had. Although I can't visualize being in her shoes I could certainly see how and why she walked the path. Many people, myself included, has said "NEVER would I stay". In fact I have often said that mine would find himself dead and buried in the back yard, but if we are really honest with ourselves we would have to admit that we can not say for sure what we would do if we were faced with a cheating spouse. My heart broke with Juliette as she struggled to come to terms and make the right decision for herself and her family.
This book was not just a story about a cheating spouse thought, it also included a little twist in the form of a child conceived from the affair and the family that adopted her who had a whole other set of issues of their own.
If you are looking for a lazy day read this would be it. I didn't find it to be a "page turner" through the whole book but in most parts I was eager to see what would happen next. I don't think you'd be disappointed.

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