Sunday, July 27, 2014

Smashwords....A great resource for books and new authors

Everyone knows or recognize the big authors whose books are on the front shelves in the bookstores. Let me tell you that if you only limit yourself to those that you see there in the bookstores you are selling yourself extremely short. I have found some of the best reads from authors that were not on those shelves or even in the store!

There are many, many writers out there who are so very talented that are battling to self-publish and self-promote. There is so much talent out there just waiting to be discovered that it is unbelievable. Many of these writers I have found were because their books were offered for FREE through Amazon, B&N or Smashwords.

Everyone knows about Amazon and B&N, but many people don't know about Smashwords. This site is another avenue for writers to publish their work and get it out to the public. There are so many works available here and many of them are for free. I will outline below how it works if you are searching for new books.

Go to:

You will see "Join for Free" in the blue bar at the top. Join and get yourself set up.

There are so many ways to filter.....Across the top you can filter by length and price. One the left hand side you can filter by genre. Filter first by genre then you can filter by price or length. You can also click on "Adult Content" on the blue bar on the right to filter.

When you find a book that you want you just click the "Buy" or "Add to Library". From this point you just plug your device into your computer and sideload your book.

VERY IMPORTANT.....Please make sure that you go back and rate any books that you read....especially Indie authors. They rely on these ratings to validate their work and get more readers.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Cyberstorm by Matthew Mather.......FABULOUS READ!!!

This book was amazing! I wasn't real sure about it when I first looked at it. So many times "survivalist fiction" can end up being really cheesy, but Matthew Mather knocked this one out of the park! Most of the "survival" reads is centered around a nuclear explosion, economy breakdown or natural disaster but Mather has added another disaster that was hidden in plain sight.

EVERYTHING in our society is linked to the internet and information. What happens when our Cyberspace, that we take for granted, is attacked or goes down? Reading this book was like watching a domino maze fall. Scenarios that one would not even consider is brought to mind when reading Cyberstorm.

 I read until I couldn't hold my eyes open. If you grab this one don't expect to put it down until you are done.                  

$2.99 at Amazon and it will be the best few dollars you've spent on a book.

Love Motley Crue?? Grab a copy of TommyLand by Tommy Lee


Nothing takes me back to my youth quicker than some good ole big hair 80's heavy metal. I have to say that next to GNR, Motley Crue was and is my favorite. I crossed picket lines to go to a concert when I was in high school, and was front and center to see Tommy Lee's bare butt as he mooned the crowd. I heard this antic got them banned from our state but they were back when I hit college. Of course, I secretly snagged a ticket (Mama absolutely forbade me to go) and I was front and center again. When I found Tommy's book I jumped on it.

I think of myself as pretty open minded and not-so-easily offended or embarrassed but GOOD GRIEF!!! I never thought I'd be reading a book co-authored by a man's penis. SERIOUSLY?????

With that said and out of the way I have to say that I really enjoyed the book. I was expecting the raw stuff, but was caught by surprise in the way that he very subtly exposed his soft side....there between the lines. He was so open with his addiction and struggle that you could feel it in every word printed. I highly recommend this book to anyone interested in the lifestyle of this crazy Crue!

Kate Gosselin and How She Fooled The World.....WOW what a read

When Jon & Kate Plus 8 came out we kind of backed into it by accident. My daughter loved watching the show because she's around the same age as the younger kids. Of course, I ended up watching and I admit I got a little sucked in at first. Kate came across as being very much in control and organized. I found myself trying to figure out what I was doing wrong because I had three kids 6 years apart and here she had this whole brood and things were running on schedule. Not only was their ship floating smoothly she looked good while steering. I will admit I loved her look and even got that "chicken butt" haircut....good grief! Before long it became obvious to me that Kate really wasn't a capable supermom with these superpowers. She certainly was not very nice to her husband. I can't IMAGINE talking and treating my husband that way.

THIS book confirmed EVERYTHING that I started suspecting and I was appalled at some of the things I read. There was a lot of information....sometimes repetitive...but it was clear the author was trying to make sure every base was covered since so many people essentially been silenced with signed forms and threats of legal action. Although it is obvious that Robert Hoffman became friends with Jon, in no way did he cut Jon slack. He was quick to point out his faults as well. I finished this book a couple of days ago and I STILL have trouble wrapping my mind around how someone could stoop so low and be so evil.

It is said in the synopsis of the book that you will never look at reality TV the same after reading this book. I totally agree

Book Synopsis

Kate Gosselin is a former reality television star and mother of eight beautiful children.

She's also a Child Abuser; Animal Abuser; Racist; Functioning Alcoholic; Liar; Manipulator and Multi-Millionaire Grifter.

Those are things that she doesn't want you to know. So much so that she hired the top entertainment law firm in the country to try to stop the publication of this book

Bunkers by Nicholas Antinozzi


Once again Antinozzi has given me something to stay awake for. I read this book in two nights...only stopping when I fell asleep face down on my Nook. I am a huge fan of this author and "Desperate Times" is still one of my favorite books. After reading "Bunkers" it has moved right up to the same rank. I'm an avid reader of what I call "survivalist" fiction and I have yet to find an author who can write a book that mimics what is going on in our world today.....then take it to the edge like he does. I have yet to find an author who can so meticulously develop a character.....especially the obnoxious type...the way he does.

Bunkers is a "world going to hell" type read, but it is different because it is centered around the idea of a having a bug-out location. It touches on issues that one would need to think about if living in a neighborhood. How well do you really know your neighbors? This book will give you a lot to think about.....I HIGHLY recommend and can NOT wait for his next book.

As of today the book is listed for FREE on Amazon and B&N so grab it now! Links will follow at the bottom of page.

Book Synopsis

When tragedy strikes and as the world begins to crumble around him, Mark SleepingBear decides that it’s high time to renovate his grandfather’s Cold War era fallout shelter. As conditions deteriorate, Mark struggles with the decision to share his bunker, should the need arise, with his neighbors. For years, Mark has isolated himself from these people. After he shares his secret, his neighbors decide to build their own bunker, a massive shelter, constructed with comfort as the number one priority. Soon, Mark learns that the illusion he has created about his neighbors, is just that. They are far from being the perfect couples he has always envisioned them to be. Mark begins to regret his decision to share the secret. Meanwhile, the country is thrown into an uproar when President Crabtree announces that he has penned a Presidential Order, one that combines the United States with Canada and Mexico, in what Crabtree dubs as the North American Union. Chaos ensues, as the Pentagon staunchly refuses to go along with the plan. Sadly, Mark’s worst fears are soon realized