Sunday, July 27, 2014

Smashwords....A great resource for books and new authors

Everyone knows or recognize the big authors whose books are on the front shelves in the bookstores. Let me tell you that if you only limit yourself to those that you see there in the bookstores you are selling yourself extremely short. I have found some of the best reads from authors that were not on those shelves or even in the store!

There are many, many writers out there who are so very talented that are battling to self-publish and self-promote. There is so much talent out there just waiting to be discovered that it is unbelievable. Many of these writers I have found were because their books were offered for FREE through Amazon, B&N or Smashwords.

Everyone knows about Amazon and B&N, but many people don't know about Smashwords. This site is another avenue for writers to publish their work and get it out to the public. There are so many works available here and many of them are for free. I will outline below how it works if you are searching for new books.

Go to:

You will see "Join for Free" in the blue bar at the top. Join and get yourself set up.

There are so many ways to filter.....Across the top you can filter by length and price. One the left hand side you can filter by genre. Filter first by genre then you can filter by price or length. You can also click on "Adult Content" on the blue bar on the right to filter.

When you find a book that you want you just click the "Buy" or "Add to Library". From this point you just plug your device into your computer and sideload your book.

VERY IMPORTANT.....Please make sure that you go back and rate any books that you read....especially Indie authors. They rely on these ratings to validate their work and get more readers.

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