Sunday, August 31, 2014

Cancer as a Blessing

Cancer as a Blessing

By: Squeekie Stoddard Waters

Have you ever thought of Stage IV Cancer as a blessing? Oddly enough after being on an emotional roller coaster ride and learning that I have Stage IV Breast Cancer, that is how I have begun to see this deadly, painful disease. I have witnessed so many acts of kindness, godliness, goodness, and yes, possibly even a miracle or two since I learned that I have this cancer that could possibly end my life within the year. In fact, I'm actually somewhat thankful to have it because I have seen God working in someone that I love very much in a way that only HE can! Whatever the reason is for me to have this cancer and all this pain, I know it's part of God's greater plan. Yes, things may seem horrible right now, but sometimes God uses drastic measures to get our attention and sometimes he uses others to get our attention and sometimes He uses a combination of both. Whatever His plan is, I know it is a perfect plan and I praise Him for it and give Him all the glory for all of it!

I was thinking the other day how it must have been in Jesus's day when He would go from place to place teaching. I was thinking about the people who did anything they could just to get to Him so they could be healed. I can really put myself in their sandals right now. What I'm about to admit is silly and stupid, but it kind of illustrates the point I'm trying to make here. Okay. I'm a big Duck Dynasty fan. I was trying to think of ways that I might could get the Robertson family to pray with me. Then I thought to myself, "Why the Robertsons?" One reason I thought was because of their faith, but then I (got my head out of the clouds) and realized that my faith and the faith of my church family and friends is as good as theirs. Besides, my friends and church family actually KNOW me. I realized then that it must be that "rock star effect". It hit me though. This is probably very much what the people back then must have felt like. Of course I was hoping for prayer with famous Christian people. The people back then were seeking Jesus Christ HIMSELF....the one who could actually perform the miracle for them! I'll blame my lapse of cognitive processing on the pain medicine but it was pretty cool to feel how the people back then may have felt. I would have been just like them seeking out Jesus to rid me of this disease. I guess Jesus was the "rock star" of His time.

I don't know what my future holds for me, but I don't have to know. God knows and that's all that matters. I have recently begun treatment and God is in complete control. I know He is because I have given it all over to Him. Oh sure. I may still have my days of doubt, but it will be doubt of myself or doubt of something "earthly" and not doubt in God. I'm sure I'll be on that roller coaster again, but deep in my heart, I will know He'll be right there with me.

So I choose to see my cancer as a blessing and not a death sentence. I pray for God to use me and use this disease for His glory however He sees fit. My body may be broken and weak, but my faith and my spirit is still very much in tact and has never been stronger. I thank Him for giving me such a strong support system with all of my church family, my friends (face to face and facebook), and my family (the ones that DO care). I thank Jesus for defeating death so that I can LIVE without fear of death.

Stage IV Cancer - a blessing?
Who knew?

NOTE: Squeekie is my friend from High School and College. Although, we have not always been close friends there is no way to know her and not consider her a good friend. She is one of the most positive and upbeat people that I know. She has a passion for issues close to her heart and has such a way with words. She has two grown boys and a young daughter. I haven't met her husband, but he has to be a pretty great guy to be with Squeekie. Please keep her in your prayers as she battles this monster that continues to ravage families on a daily basis. God Bless Squeeks and thank you so much for this message of strength.

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