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EBOLA OUTBREAK.....connecting some dots

We are witnessing the worst Ebola outbreak in history. Most people have seen The Stand or Outbreak and we've heard of the disease but it has always been that nasty little bug that they have to deal with "over there." For the first time in of tomorrow we will have the first two confirmed cases on U.S. soil and we brought them here. So lets first get a few basics out of the way

The "talking heads" on TV and in the mainstream media will tell you there is nothing to worry about. It would fizzle out here because of our hygiene. It's difficult to catch except by bodily fluids. It can't be spread by walking in a room with someone. etc. etc. etc. Oh and it's also said that you can't catch it unless you are with the person while they are symptomatic...vomiting, diarrhea. Well guess what? We are seeing all of that to be FALSE. Of course you can check the links to WHO and CDC and they will give you this run down but if you want to know the truth all you need to do is look at the eyewitness accounts of what is actually happening.

Incubation is between 2-22 days. That means the person can carry it that long before manifesting any symptoms. It is also widely rumored that the person affected bleeds out from every orifice, but that is not true in all cases. As I said they would have you believe that for those 2-22 days of incubation the infected can walk around and everyone is safe....WRONG.


Is a Person Contagious During the Ebola Incubation Period?
Even if a person exhibits no signs or symptoms of Ebola, he or she can still spread the virus during the Ebola incubation period. Once Ebola virus symptoms begin, the person can remain contagious for about three more weeks.
Now with that in mind......lets start tracking. I'm going to make this as simple as possible with links and only snippets from articles.
This gentleman is a Liberian/American and Finance Ministry Consultant in Liberia. His family lives in Minnesota with one of the highest concentrations of Liberians outside of the country itself. Basically it is alleged that he had been taking care of his sister who had Ebola. He went through two flights and died after departing the second. (
You have to wonder with all of that air that is re-circulated and a man as ill as he was on the plan....what about all the others that were on the plane? Did anyone touch a seat he had touched after he may have wiped his brow from sweat pouring from his head? What about the attendant that may have walked by and served or disposed of any of his garbage or napkins? All of these people could be ticking Ebola bombs....where are they and how many people have they come into contact with? Oh but it gets crazy once he gets to the hospital..

Once at the hospital the staff reported Mr. Sawyer as behaving very strangely with rage and "indiscipline". He denied having any contact with anyone infected although he had been caring for his sister who died from Ebola. The medical staff still wanted to test him despite his wishes and did so. 
"FrontPageAfrica has now learned that upon being told he had Ebola, Mr. Sawyer went into a rage, denying and objecting to the opinion of the medical experts. “He was so adamant and difficult that he took the tubes from his body and took off his pants and urinated on the health workers, forcing them to flee."
So what's so special about Minnesota? I'm sure it is a beautiful place to see. I love to travel, but you couldn't pay me to go anywhere near there for a while. Being the home to the largest community of Liberians in the U.S., you can imagine the fear that they are facing knowing that their loved ones are in a hot zone. There have been mission trips cancelled and the most disturbing of all is that many of these people have been sending money and tickets to try to fly their families here....Minnesota. Take a second and glance over this article posted by the Star Tribune. It went so far as to say that Emergency Personnel and First Responders in the area would be wearing precautionary garb when dealing with cases of illness because of the fact that they just don't know what they could be potentially facing.
God Bless our Military and God Bless our Missionaries.....both who put their lives in harms way and daily sacrifice for God and Country.
Dr. Kent Brantley and his assistant Nancy Writebol were both working and treating Ebola patients in Monrovia and both have contracted the disease. Dr. Brantley has been noted for being meticulously careful and took double precautions which included: full body cover, multiple layer gloves, goggles and face protection. How is it that one so careful could get this monster through double protection?
 What's more troubling is that Dr. Brantley's family were with him up until about 2 days before he became symptomatic. They flew home for a family function not knowing that he was indeed ill. They are on "fever watch". Remember what I posted in the beginning about the incubation time and being contagious above? Kind of makes you go hmmmmm..... God willing this woman and her babies don't get sick. I can't imagine the torment that she is going through.
After much criticism from the general public and some not-so-general like Donald Trump, Dr. Brantley was brought back on Saturday making him the first American with Ebola on American soil. The night before his departure he was listed as being in "grave" condition but I guess that 20 hr plane ride did some good because he walked right out of the back of that ambulance in his protective suit and into the building. Mrs. Writebol will arrive tomorrow and they will then be cared for at Emory University Hospital.
Now want to hear something else that will make you shake your head? What would you expect they would do with all of the waste from these patients? This would include the vomit and feces?? Well they are gonna just flush it! Yep....right into the public sewer system. "They" say there is no chance of problems arising from this. I'm still shaking my head on this one. Why not burn it to be sure?
As of now there are 4 being tested with the Dr. who helped treat him coming back positive. I am not 100% certain but I believe that the number has gone up to eight.
These are people from the INFECTED area and the Big O says it's on.  Invites have gone out to folks in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leon. What is concerning is that some of the diplomats who are supposed to be coming allegedly came into contact with Mr. Sawyer!
"Following a patient's death, contact tracing is conducted by health practitioners to track all who interacted with the victim to be placed in isolation and monitored for the required 21-day incubation period of the virus.

Following the death of a Liberian, Patrick Sawyer in Nigeria who tested positive of the virus Nigerian officials reported via the media a list of more than 40 persons, including its ambassador to Liberia as those who made contact with Sawyer prior to his death but the envoy has denied any contact with the late Sawyer.

Local and international media reported that Ambassador Chigozie Obi-Nnadozie and 58 others may have had contact with the late Patrick Sawyer on board the Asky flight to Nigeria but the envoy has denied the reports."
I understand that this is ALOT of info and I've tried to break it down and not bombard with a bunch on statistics and unnecessary details. I'm just trying to link things up and give you an idea of how all of this is unfolding and how we as Americans can possibly be affected by this. Just think of all of these people who are in contact with others and it forms a spider web so-to-speak. All of the talking heads seem to repeat the same script that just doesn't seem to coincide with what is actually happening.
Before I close this post I'd like to post a copy of an account that just took place over there. This will give you an idea of what chaos and hell really is.

Tokpa Tarnue, a local journalist on the scene told FrontPageAfrica Wednesday that the majority of the suspected patients were in a holding room at the Tellewoyan Memorial Hospital while awaiting their departure for a treatment and isolation center in Foya when they abruptly left their room and moved into other wards that later resulted to all health workers escaping the hospital compound in deep fear.

According to the journalist, the suspected patients managed to leave the hospital premises and ran into various homes and streets, a situation that caused severe panic among citizens and residents of Voinjama who were likewise escaping from the patients fearing not to contract the deadly Ebola virus. He told FrontPageAfrica that for several hours Voinjama was like a ghost town as many residents escaped the city while others locked themselves in their homes.

Said the local journalist: “Everybody left. They had suspected Ebola patients in a holding room that is not well equipped. They are normally kept there before they are taken to Foya. In the process of doing that, those suspected patients left their wards and stating entering the children's ward and other places while they were vomiting and releasing feces at the same time. Based on that the entire hospital staff all left including the doctors and nurses. Up to now they have not gone back to work.”
Prayers for our Country, their Countries and all those affected. More to come......


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