Monday, August 4, 2014

The Land of the Shadows (The End of All Things #2)...MUST READ SERIES!

I have waited ever-so-patiently for "The Land of the Shadow" to be released. I was so excited and grateful to receive a ARC and let me say that it was well worth the wait!

Let me say that when I started the book on Saturday, the story was only enhanced by the fact that there is an actual unprecedented outbreak of Ebola and the first case ever of Ebola being treated on U.S. soil was in the process of taking place. This gave the read a chilling effect. When I hit page 97 and read the following quote I found myself craving a drink.

"...advanced, democratic nations would fall harder and faster to a pandemic because the government would be reluctant to impose and then enforce the kind of quarantine necessary to stop the spread of the illness."

How do you pick up the pieces, move on and create a life when all hell has broken loose and there's not much left to work with? Lissa Bryan covered issues that would not normally come to mind in this 2nd installment of the series. She put a face and name on "social issues" that could be a possibility in a new world where hunger and struggle would be the new way of life. This was not your run-of-the-mill SHTF was so much more. It was a story of love, hope and the never dying American dream in a world that no longer resembles America.

Many times the sequel to a really good book can be "so-so".....but this series has now moved from really good to great. I devoured it in one night and I can't wait for the final book. Thanks for the opportunity to loose myself in another world once again

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