Monday, August 25, 2014

We Interrupt this Chaotic World for a Laugh

Hilarious Laws
Things in our world seem so serious these days. I just needed some relief and could not pass up the opportunity to post some of these hilariously DUMB laws.

In Alabama it is illegal to wear a fake moustache in Church that causes laughter. You may also not flick boogers in the wind, not carry an ice cream cone in your back pocket. You CAN drive the wrong way on a one way street as long as you attach a lantern to the front of your automobile.

If you want to practice voodoo in Louisiana you must do it outside of city limits. While driving to the area outside city limits to cast your spells you can let your wife drive, but you must walk in front of her carrying a flag.

Please do not plan to hunt whales in Kansas as it is against the law.

It’s also illegal to hunt whales in Ohio, but only on Sundays. You also may not fish while intoxicated. Installation and use of slot machines in outhouses is also permitted….DARN!

It’s a No-No to push a moose from a moving airplane in Alaska.

Sleepy? Don’t get caught sleeping on a refrigerator in Pittsburgh, Pa. It is against the law. A special cleaning ordinance was also passed banning homemakers from sweeping any dirt under the rug in a dwelling. Wives must send a note with their husbands enabling them to purchase alcohol and beware…singing in a bathtub is illegal.

If you go to Texas and decide to have a beer make sure you are sitting. It is illegal to take more than 3 sips of beer while standing. It is also illegal to release any obnoxious odors in an elevator.

If you need a blue light bulb you will have to travel to another state other than Arkansas. You will also need to keep your alligator somewhere other than the bathtub since it is illegal to keep them there. Make sure your dogs are muzzled if you live in Little Rock because they are not allowed to bark after 6 p.m.

You may not be able to drink and fish in Ohio, but there is no law against it in Idaho….you just can’t fish from a camels back!!

In Massachusetts you may NOT give beer to hospital patients. You also may not allow a guerilla to ride in the back seat of any vehicle. Taxi drivers are not allowed to make love in the front seat of their taxis while during their shift….Aw…where’s the ACLU on that one??

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