Thursday, September 25, 2014

The Deep Winter Series by Thomas Sherry....Must Read

 Deep Winter starts off with serious lead up just immediate *WHAM*

These books gave me a totally different scenario to imagine than the survivalist fiction that I have read. The storyline is based on a catastrophic earthquake and everything else that follows.

Can you imagine being jolted from a dead sleep by a roaring earthquake to find that most of your neighborhood has been decimated? The weather is below freezing and you basically are lucky to get out of the house with the clothes on your back. You then find that most of the area and region of the country has also been devoured by the country's largest and most damaging quake in history. How do you deal with the fallout from the Nuclear Plant that was damaged? How do you deal with the roaming gangs while trying to secure your property and family? When there is no infrastructure and no one to depend on but a handful of friends and neighbors how do you look to the future?

As always I couldn't help but catch myself analyzing how I would do things and what decisions I would make. Because my family and I live along the New Madrid fault line, the story was particularly interesting to me, but regardless of where you call home you will have a hard time not getting drawn in to this series.

Both are available at Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

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