Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Homeless to Homeowner....Might not be quite what you think

Imagine....if you will....a middle aged woman who at times is dirty, ragged and pushing a cart full of "stuff". Other times she is a little tidier and carrying a lighter load. She wanders from one end of town to the other, sometimes just barely putting one foot in front of the other. At other times she moves like a seasoned "mall walker". She is in and out of places and establishments and seems to know people, but she has no place of her own. She's homeless.

We have all seen people like this, and they are not always the ones on the corner holding a sign saying "Will work for food." Sometimes they are the people closest to us. In fact, I was that homeless woman until today.

For twenty plus years I have grown from being a young girl to an older lady pushing the buggy of baggage...the "stuff". The "stuff" has been the baggage that I so stubbornly insisted on burdens and worries. The dirt and ragged clothes were the sins that I allowed to cover me until I hit my knees to pray. Sometimes my load was light. At times I was cleaned up and fresh while walking with my Jesus, but other than my future Heavenly home I was homeless.

Tonight after over twenty years I officially became a homeowner....I even signed papers! After all those years of looking for a shelter to rest, a place to be regularly fed I found my home at True Life Church. Tonight I have a new family and the funny thing is I only know a few of them!!! Amazingly I feel loved by them all.

For this one thing I have searched. For this one place I have dreamed of. For this one place I have prayed spiritual home. Praise God for this blessing and the many more that I know He has in store for my family and I.

All I can say is Thank you Jesus! May everything I do and say on this part of the journey only glorify You and Your works.

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