Wednesday, April 22, 2015

The Things I'd Rather Do Than Wear BAMA Attire or Scream "Roll Tide"


I hate BAMA....I'm a die-hard purple and gold bleeding LSU fan. Considering I'm originally from Mississippi, those DAWGS are near and dear to my heart, but I am all things Cajun with just a splash of Mississippi Sass.

Our family and a few friends have had more fun with a friendly rivalry back and forth since half are BAMA fans and half are TIGER fans. It's been a bit boring around the playing field so I thought I would spice it up. No worries Brother will NEVER see me wearing the colors, logo or screaming those vile words.

I'd Rather do ANYTHING on the list below than wear BAMA attire/colors or holler "Roll Tide"

Root for the Falcons

Watch tennis or golf

Clip a stranger's toe nails

Run for fun

Give a random person a massage

Take a bite of cabbage, spinach, eggplant, snails, mushrooms, or hominy

Get on my hands and knees and nudge a golf ball with my nose from one end of Mike Snow's chicken house to the other

Flip tractor tires in the Cul de Sac

Sit through a Kanye West Concert

Be Obama's Caddy

Clean my driveway with a toothbrush

Brush my teeth with the cleaning toothbrush

Go to the boot sale at Belk on Black Friday

Get booty implants

Attend the Democratic National Convention

Drink white milk

Walk through Oak Ridge and Redwood with an I love Obama sign strapped to my back

Wear a Vicksburg Steam Clean cap (anyone know where I can find one?)

Dress like Elsa and walk through Marcus Bottom singing "Do You Want to Build a Snow Man"

Display a herd of Pretty Pink Horses on my Mantle for a year

Get on a motorcycle with my brother one more will and life insurance must be in order first

Go down Bourbon Street blind folded guided by Diane and Lisa

Let Chris pluck my eyebrows

Sit in an Elementary classroom on a party day.....or on any day...can only handle an hour without meds

Go through a Haunted House

Let Kayla Grace do my make up for Church

Sit through an Up-tight Opera with Brayden and Tanner

Walk around in public and pretend to be from another planet without breaking character

Watch a weekend of back to back episodes of Moonshiners and the stupid Ginseng show

Be on a episode of Wife Swap

Camp out in the bathroom at Walmart

Wear Doe Pee for perfume

Be on the other end of the line with my Sister-in-Law Pam, while working out a medical bill

Ride blind-folded in the front seat with my Mother-in-Law driving.....(LOL....don't ya'll tell her!)

Good Morning Sunshine!

Good Morning Sunshine!!! It could be pouring down raining, but all I see is SUNSHINE.

Now isn't that just the most adorable face? This was taken about five years ago and it is still one of my favorites. It is an exact image of the "Morning-Time Kayla Grace". Oh but in five years that sweet face that is so comical, so funny but filled with so much irritation has GROWN.

After the experience I had last night I slept a different sleep and I really feel like I need to try to get a little more of that as I type this and have my coffee. When I hit my snooze button the first time I fell asleep praising and thanking God for the load lifted from me and the wisdom He shared with me. The second time I hit the snooze button my prayers were a little different. See I know that I only get to hit snooze prayers were a little like this....

"Oh God PLEASE.....PLEASE.....let me survive this upcoming cage fight."'

When she was at the age she was above, getting her up was like a wrestling match. I was younger and more fit. She's 10 now so it's more like a cage fight and I know without some kind of Divine intervention we will move to the street fight stage in a few years. Five years can do a lot to a person...I'm old. I'm not fit and I need more coffee before I can think these days.

My sweet little dumpling is just not a morning person and she gets that honestly because her Mama is not a morning person either. Her weapons of choice are "I'm sick...don't feel good", crying, sarcasm (NO idea where she got that), dramatics....again clueless where this trait comes from, and my personal favorite "YOU JUST DON'T CARE THAT I'M SICK AND YOU ONLY CARE ABOUT BRAYDEN AND YOU HAVE RUINED MY LIFE!!!!!!" This is all complete with full watery eyes and sometimes the tears roll.

As she fell down with half of her body in the dryer looking for her shorts.....I prayed that maybe God could play a little joke and the dryer turn on. I mean that would be funny right? No...I'm kidding. I just prayed for patience. I went and picked the shorts up that here little fingers were just too weak to hold and then I lifted her from the floor since she was just too weak and sick to pick herself up, I gave her a kiss, told her I loved her and sent her to find her shoes.

As I checked the clock and mentally calculated how long it would be until she would visit the neighbor for the ride to school, I fixed her lunch. I gave her what has become an almost daily reminder not to call me from school unless she has fever, throwing up or passed out. To my surprise I find she already thought ahead and answered me with "I know! Our vehicle is broke so you couldn't even come get me!!" I knew there was a silver-lining to having only one vehicle right now and I smiled. Her eyes bulged at the look on my face and she snatched her stuff and stomped out the door as I screamed "I love you sweetheart! I hope you have a better day. I'll have your bed all ready for you so you can go straight to bed when you get home!" I got a inaudible "Love you too" and door slam.

Aaaaahhhhh....this was a good morning. I love every part and facet of my daughter....even the most irritating morning attitude. I have no plans to get her room ready for her to convalesce because I know as sure as today is Wednesday that as soon as that bell rings this afternoon she will be right as rain. There will be no paralysis, no blindness, no toothache or earache, no tummy ache, no headache......she will be full of energy and theatrics and bless my soul until the sun goes down and she prepares for her next morning.

At times it is very nerve-racking and even embarrassing, but God gave her own unique little personality and he is obviously working overtime on me through her. My last thought  as I sip on my coffee and say my silent prayer for her and her day is that one day, hopefully when she's ready and I'm still of sound mind to enjoy, she's going to have a precious little darling to call her own. Then I pray for her future because that child will really have to be good to out-smart her Mama.

Thank you Lord for my three blessings who all have such unique, but loving hearts. I count each of them as a miracle and I'm so grateful....that you have given them to me. I thank you for not only the good and fun times, but I thank you for the trying times. Lord please continue to open my eyes to Your wisdom where my children are concerned and give me the stamina to see them all grow to be God-loving productive people. You get all the glory for everything. In your most precious name.....Amen

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

The Line

I had an amazing opportunity to attend a one night Lisa TerKeurst Women's Conference tonight at The Church of the King in Mandeville, LA. When I got home I immediately told everyone that I could not talk because I had one of the most amazing experiences in my life. To talk would be to dull the try to describe it verbally is impossible, In fact, anyone reading this blog may not even get it.....but I got it. God spoke to me so clearly through this amazing Woman of God. I don't know if she will ever know how her words lifted a ton of bricks from my back and helped lighten my soul.

I can tell you that she spoke about a wise woman in Samuel Chapter 20, but what I got was not so much from the scripture as from her analysis and using her own experience to illustrate a point. The TerKeurst family adopted two teenage boys from a third world country. It was not planned nor expected. God put everything in place for them to survive their experience, live in an orphanage then be transported to the United States where they found a home among Lisa, husband and three daughters. Because the boys were on a Kindergarten level she home schooled them with no clue about what she was doing. She was hilarious in her description of this experience. Anyone who knows me....just imagine me trying to do this and that will give you a pretty good visual. In two years the boys were able to transition to either Junior High or High School. The oldest graduated with something like a 2.76 and was so worried and upset that he would not get into the College he wanted with that grade point average. Of course, God worked that out and he WAS accepted. Lisa told how she took him to College and did a prayer walk through his dorm....through the hall....across campus....ALL AROUND the girl's dorm. She reminded him of their family motto: Remember who you belong too. She said he remembered it.....for three weeks. She got the call that he would be suspended because what most College kids participate in....alcohol usage.

At the point that she got the call she was devastated. She said that she wanted to just draw a line straight from her son's mistake straight to herself. She blamed herself for not doing this....or doing that. Maybe if....It plagued her and she carried the grief of her child's trouble and consequences. THEN God showed her that the line that she drew was not drawn correctly. The line should have been drawn from God to HER because He gave her this child. He knew even as Jackson was being formed in the womb that Lisa would be strong enough to take him where he was, get him where he needed to be and certainly strong enough to weather any troubles that he may face.

At that moment I had to cover my whole face to keep the cry that crawled from my heart from becoming completely audible in this huge stadium of a Church. When I say that the tears wasn't just was the sloppy snorting kind. Thankfully the Lord allowed my tears to flow quietly.

There are no perfect parents or children. When I married  my husband I got a "2 fer".....I gained a precious four year old  little boy. Oh he was the light of my life and still is. I believe my parents became grandparents in their own minds the day they met him for the first time. My brother doted on him so proudly. He was about as close to perfect as could be. He had the best manners.....extremely respectful and smart. He was fortunate enough to have three sets of grandparents as well as three sets of Aunts/Uncles. He never lacked for love and was so free with the love that he gave....especially when his siblings arrived.

Then the teen years hit and they KNOCKED US DOWN! I will be the first to say that I didn't always handle things the way I should have. There are so many things that I wish I could take back or do different. Things went from bad to worst and there was absolute no control over going to school or anything. I think that we alternated from pain....and the cycle continued. No one outside of the home saw what was "actually" happening so we looked like lunatics and were pretty much alone. It was a really bad, bad situation that resulted in him leaving us four days after he turned eighteen, as well as, damaged relationships between us and our families. I, literally thought I would die. I begged to was all too much and I came very close to giving into that desire twice. The loss was almost unbearable.

I'm happy to say that after those very long few years of hell, we have our son back and thankfully other family relationships are mending. He is a fine young man who is making a place for himself in this world and I couldn't be prouder,  but I did exactly what Lisa did. I drew a big THICK line from our son to me and I blamed myself for not being enough or for being too much. I want the best for all of my children, but for him in particular, the responsibility felt heavier because God gave him to me to raise here on Earth while his Mama waited for us with Jesus in Heaven. Although we made it, and things are good that big thick black line remained. Just this week something reared its ugly head from those dark past years. It was just enough to rip my heart up. After talking with my son about it, his heart-felt comforting words and apologies for what took place then were like salve to a burn, but tonight after hearing Lisa TerKeurst's story that nasty line has been erased. It's gone. I no longer have a ripped up, shredded, burned heart.

I get it now and God made sure of it tonight. My line goes from God to Me then to my husband and children because He knows everything that they will experience and go through. God put me with my husband and three beautiful children because He knew I was strong enough to deal with each of them and what they would experience.....just as they would me. There are no words to express the love and gratitude that I have for my husband and children. The Lord blessed me....he has blessed me indeed.

As you go to sleep tonight you may be burdened with issues that you are really struggling with. Maybe it's a child, a loved one, grief or illness. Whatever it may be....just know that the line from God to you is a powerful line because He has put you in your position because you are strong enough, wise enough, and tough enough to deal with anything that comes your way. You are his Holy and dearly loved child. Rest in that.

Tonight I go to bed for the first time in about eight years with no thick black line.

Praise God and God Bless All