Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Good Morning Sunshine!

Good Morning Sunshine!!! It could be pouring down raining, but all I see is SUNSHINE.

Now isn't that just the most adorable face? This was taken about five years ago and it is still one of my favorites. It is an exact image of the "Morning-Time Kayla Grace". Oh but in five years that sweet face that is so comical, so funny but filled with so much irritation has GROWN.

After the experience I had last night I slept a different sleep and I really feel like I need to try to get a little more of that as I type this and have my coffee. When I hit my snooze button the first time I fell asleep praising and thanking God for the load lifted from me and the wisdom He shared with me. The second time I hit the snooze button my prayers were a little different. See I know that I only get to hit snooze prayers were a little like this....

"Oh God PLEASE.....PLEASE.....let me survive this upcoming cage fight."'

When she was at the age she was above, getting her up was like a wrestling match. I was younger and more fit. She's 10 now so it's more like a cage fight and I know without some kind of Divine intervention we will move to the street fight stage in a few years. Five years can do a lot to a person...I'm old. I'm not fit and I need more coffee before I can think these days.

My sweet little dumpling is just not a morning person and she gets that honestly because her Mama is not a morning person either. Her weapons of choice are "I'm sick...don't feel good", crying, sarcasm (NO idea where she got that), dramatics....again clueless where this trait comes from, and my personal favorite "YOU JUST DON'T CARE THAT I'M SICK AND YOU ONLY CARE ABOUT BRAYDEN AND YOU HAVE RUINED MY LIFE!!!!!!" This is all complete with full watery eyes and sometimes the tears roll.

As she fell down with half of her body in the dryer looking for her shorts.....I prayed that maybe God could play a little joke and the dryer turn on. I mean that would be funny right? No...I'm kidding. I just prayed for patience. I went and picked the shorts up that here little fingers were just too weak to hold and then I lifted her from the floor since she was just too weak and sick to pick herself up, I gave her a kiss, told her I loved her and sent her to find her shoes.

As I checked the clock and mentally calculated how long it would be until she would visit the neighbor for the ride to school, I fixed her lunch. I gave her what has become an almost daily reminder not to call me from school unless she has fever, throwing up or passed out. To my surprise I find she already thought ahead and answered me with "I know! Our vehicle is broke so you couldn't even come get me!!" I knew there was a silver-lining to having only one vehicle right now and I smiled. Her eyes bulged at the look on my face and she snatched her stuff and stomped out the door as I screamed "I love you sweetheart! I hope you have a better day. I'll have your bed all ready for you so you can go straight to bed when you get home!" I got a inaudible "Love you too" and door slam.

Aaaaahhhhh....this was a good morning. I love every part and facet of my daughter....even the most irritating morning attitude. I have no plans to get her room ready for her to convalesce because I know as sure as today is Wednesday that as soon as that bell rings this afternoon she will be right as rain. There will be no paralysis, no blindness, no toothache or earache, no tummy ache, no headache......she will be full of energy and theatrics and bless my soul until the sun goes down and she prepares for her next morning.

At times it is very nerve-racking and even embarrassing, but God gave her own unique little personality and he is obviously working overtime on me through her. My last thought  as I sip on my coffee and say my silent prayer for her and her day is that one day, hopefully when she's ready and I'm still of sound mind to enjoy, she's going to have a precious little darling to call her own. Then I pray for her future because that child will really have to be good to out-smart her Mama.

Thank you Lord for my three blessings who all have such unique, but loving hearts. I count each of them as a miracle and I'm so grateful....that you have given them to me. I thank you for not only the good and fun times, but I thank you for the trying times. Lord please continue to open my eyes to Your wisdom where my children are concerned and give me the stamina to see them all grow to be God-loving productive people. You get all the glory for everything. In your most precious name.....Amen

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