Wednesday, April 22, 2015

The Things I'd Rather Do Than Wear BAMA Attire or Scream "Roll Tide"


I hate BAMA....I'm a die-hard purple and gold bleeding LSU fan. Considering I'm originally from Mississippi, those DAWGS are near and dear to my heart, but I am all things Cajun with just a splash of Mississippi Sass.

Our family and a few friends have had more fun with a friendly rivalry back and forth since half are BAMA fans and half are TIGER fans. It's been a bit boring around the playing field so I thought I would spice it up. No worries Brother will NEVER see me wearing the colors, logo or screaming those vile words.

I'd Rather do ANYTHING on the list below than wear BAMA attire/colors or holler "Roll Tide"

Root for the Falcons

Watch tennis or golf

Clip a stranger's toe nails

Run for fun

Give a random person a massage

Take a bite of cabbage, spinach, eggplant, snails, mushrooms, or hominy

Get on my hands and knees and nudge a golf ball with my nose from one end of Mike Snow's chicken house to the other

Flip tractor tires in the Cul de Sac

Sit through a Kanye West Concert

Be Obama's Caddy

Clean my driveway with a toothbrush

Brush my teeth with the cleaning toothbrush

Go to the boot sale at Belk on Black Friday

Get booty implants

Attend the Democratic National Convention

Drink white milk

Walk through Oak Ridge and Redwood with an I love Obama sign strapped to my back

Wear a Vicksburg Steam Clean cap (anyone know where I can find one?)

Dress like Elsa and walk through Marcus Bottom singing "Do You Want to Build a Snow Man"

Display a herd of Pretty Pink Horses on my Mantle for a year

Get on a motorcycle with my brother one more will and life insurance must be in order first

Go down Bourbon Street blind folded guided by Diane and Lisa

Let Chris pluck my eyebrows

Sit in an Elementary classroom on a party day.....or on any day...can only handle an hour without meds

Go through a Haunted House

Let Kayla Grace do my make up for Church

Sit through an Up-tight Opera with Brayden and Tanner

Walk around in public and pretend to be from another planet without breaking character

Watch a weekend of back to back episodes of Moonshiners and the stupid Ginseng show

Be on a episode of Wife Swap

Camp out in the bathroom at Walmart

Wear Doe Pee for perfume

Be on the other end of the line with my Sister-in-Law Pam, while working out a medical bill

Ride blind-folded in the front seat with my Mother-in-Law driving.....(LOL....don't ya'll tell her!)

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